“Islam is the easiest religion on this world, and by the will of Allah am going to show you how.”

Am Kyeyune Shafiq son of Ssenyonjo Muusa and Nakiganda Aidah;

Born and raised in Kampala the capital city of Uganda but now working in Qatar;

After finishing my diploma in computer science and information technology at Kampala University.

The Start

I was born a Muslim, from a Muslim family which is not so serious about Islamic practices;

So I didn’t know anything about Islam apart from being a Muslim and praying on special days like jumah, and eid.

Plus, when it came to praying, I just followed what other people were doing.

As time moved on, I reached university, still like that;

Arrival Of Knowledge

Till I was approached several times by an old friend of mine;

With a group of other Muslims may Allah reward them all the best on this world and the hereafter;

Trust me, it didn’t feel good to be reminded that you have to pray 5times a day, death is coming soon, Allah will punish you and all other stuff.

I used to listen, but before, me and my brother were listening to a lot of Christianity shows;

My brother even had downloaded an audio bible that we used to listen to most of the time;

Can’t lie things looked a bit simple and we used to understand the advices;

Comparing to see whats truth and false

Till we got called by the friend of ours that my brother downloaded, quran-english audio;

Then we started seeing the mistakes and the unfairness of the bible on the so called “gentile” which means a person who is not Jewish.

And there was a thing about separation between religion and state, and more others things.

Compared to the Quran, it had answers for all our questions;

Choice made

That we were pushed into watching videos about Islam;

Searching how to pray, memorizing some small surats.

And there we went from praying 5times a day in the masjid;

To learning how to recite Quran, and all other things till we are what we are today.

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How we learnt everything we know, how all became easy for us;

And that Islam became part of our lives;

What I mean, there is nothing that stands in the way of our Islamic practices;

But only that which falls into the laws of Islam (something we can explain to Allah about).