No hate but fact is fact, you shouldn’t trust anyone besides Allah and yourself;

People have issues, and I mean serious issues;

They keep switching #on and #off like electric lights, just don’t be of those who say that:

“I got into a wrong person” coz truth is that #all people are #wrong people, as In all people make mistakes:

But the best are those who still stand or stick around after their wrongness/mistakes coz it means they can solve them;

And be better than those who run along just to make sure that their wrongness/mistake is effective😂😂😂….

True picture of #cowardness #whimps…. whatever u want to call them….

Life is fun when you watch it from a distance as in analyzing people’s patterns…. we are independent!!!😂😂😂

When you can’t even stop your heart from beating(try making it beat when it has stopped)

Or even stop your digestion when you realize, you’ve eaten something bad!!!

What have you really learnt in your years or it’s just a number like they say???!!!😂😂😂

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