Know Your Adhan if you are Muslims and want Jannat after your death

Muhammad Habib Shakir: O our people! Accept the Divine caller and believe in Him, He will forgive you of your faults and protect you from a painful punishment.

Surat al ahqaf, Ayat 31

Volume 1, Book 11, Number 585:

Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri:

Allah’s Apostle said, “Whenever you hear the Adhan, say what the Mu’adhdhin is saying.

We will talk about what is actually meant in all of this IN SHAA ALLAH, because people hear the adhan and continue to do whatever they are doing or even talk when the adhan is going on.

This Day that you living is your future, answers below…


Whatever you’re chasing after, is that water-like thing you see during intensive heat in a desert (mirage)…

NO ONE EVER REACHES IT… the people you think made it, YOUR ROLE MODELS…

Are still CHASING after it, that’s why you see them RESTLESS;

They don’t enjoy chasing after it, TRUST ME, they also want to enjoy time with their FAMILIES….

I had a friend who was so eager to join UNIVERSITY because his dad had bought him a CAR;

And told him that he will only drive it when he reaches UNIVERSITY, he used to check on it every day and;

He told me, “Shafiq, wait and see, we are going to eat life, like seriously”, MY FRIEND died in our vacation just after finishing high school….

IMAM says; PRAY this SWALAT like it’s your LAST…. true;

Those GRAVES are filled with people WHO HAD DREAMS of practicing ISLAM when they are finally in the FUTURE they want….


Because there lots who wish to be like you even if it meant to LOOSE ALL THEIR WEALTH in treatment….


Have you ever asked yourself why everything happens to you?

What people don’t know is that everything we do on this world is a training for the hereafter;

For example believing in the unseen, the bridge, etc. lets talks about the bridge (straight path to Jannat which is the silaatwa)…

If you have not learnt to move on a straight path on this world…

The bridge on the day of judgement, is thinner and sharp, harder;

So just like you used to fell off the straight path, you going to fellow off the bridge;

Just like you moved slowly on the straight path, that’s the same way Ur going to be but; 

The difference on the bridge you fell in to the hell fire, imagine crawling on a sharp knife which is your straight path to survival; 

Those people who used to have ease on the straight path of this world, they will pass very fast…

Do you do whatever you do because of the majority aspect, know this…

In Islam, we have 5 categories of people;

  1. Muslims who study Islam and follow it completely
  2. Those who study Islam and follow only what suits them and throw away the other.
  3. And those who don’t study Islam and pretend to know everything about it.
  4. Those who study Islam, pretend to know all about it and don’t want to learn anything about Islam.
  5. Those who are hypocrites, traitors, and 2 faced people.

Whenever number one says something about Sunnah encouraging people to do it, and showing how good it is to do it….

From number 2-5, they fight number one with all the power they have to show the world that number one (1) is extremists and doesn’t care about humanity.

And when number five commits suicide saying he or she doing it under Islam, number 2-4;

Says its number one and uses the knowledge they have about Islam to show that number one justifies the act…

So when the kafirs need anything from Islam, those are the people they use, ofcos like you see, number 2 + 3 to 5 are a large group than one….

That’s the reason behind all the wars in Muslim majority countries… 

How Just A word Has Destroyed Everything On This World

The word #FUTURE has destroyed a lot of people’s habits and ethics;

People NOLONGER care about what Allah says;

They do whatever they think can bring THEM a nice #FUTURE on this world even if it means disobeying Allah….


No one has an answer for that because, whatever you say;

There people who HAVE IT and are STRESSED AND BUSY because OF IT….

They still don’t have TIME for Allah…. But know that, you can NEVER tell what your FUTURE on this world would be like;

However much you WORK HARD…. BUT facts are facts, YOU can tell whether you’re going to HELL or PARADISE;

Because you know when you’re doing more BAD than GOOD;

Especially for us MUSLIMS…. we are really sure that NO one of us can escape HELL;

If He was not PRAYING the 5times SWALAT or not going to the masjid(men) when they have no true Islamic excuse for not praying in a congregation….. REM: no one is SO HEALTHY NOT TO DIE…..

What A Non-believer said to Muslim…

A non-believer told one of the Muslims; we will only fear/respect you the day your fajr prayer congregation will look like your Jumaat’s;

When you live with a lot of Muslims of different races and different statuses, you will come to realize that;

It’s impossible in our time, and you get to know that wars and all afflictions will never stop in Muslim lands…

Guys we live with Muslims who can eat food and throw some or most on the dustbin or give other Muslims the remaining of the food they ate…

With that, they watch a lot of adverts of Muslim countries donations and stuff…

My point is, you will never change the world bcoz, the regime that comes next is worse than the previous in faith;

But you can be good, and enjoin your family and Muslims around you to be good..

Majority of people who converted to Islam during the time of the prophet SAW, were due to his actions and the sahabas actions;

Not just their words (which Islamic knowledge is not on media), that’s how you will save urself and ur family from hell fire;

But if you’re mindless about the Muslims around you, TRUST ME, when the enemy of Islam comes (adhaab from Allah);

He won’t be only after your neighbors who go to the masjid a lot of times, he will take you too, unless you become a traitor/hypocrite like the ones you see in a lot of Muslim-war land countries…

But you know that hypocrites/traitors will be at the bottom of the hell fire and they will never get out…

Life Is Full Of Lessons That Every Person Has in Pieces

Still finding hardship in practicing Islam, know this…

People mess with life, they don’t know about it.

But they live it like they know ALL about it forgetting the fact that they have been learning about it all their lives.

And they still have lots to learn, but only to live it the way they like;

Forgetting that they have a PURPOSE which was the reason that they are to exit it alone;

Taking us to the FACT that when people are given responsibility of something;

They reach appoint that they can go against the ONE would gave it to them;

Thinking that it can’t go on anymore WITHOUT them…

Guys lets open our eyes and our hearts and brains;

We’ve seen people taking care of their families, and after their death;

The families get better than they were with them around….


All praises belong to the ONE who gave us all we have;

And may He guide us to the right path;

The path of those who submitted to Him and save us from the path of those who cursed;

Plus those who are cursed plus those who went astray….

Let us use what He gave us to please Him because it’s only ours for a short period of time…..

Comparing yourself with others

Appearances can be deceptive

Are you asking yourself, “why me?”, When you see “better life people” as you think?

Well don’t let that make you think that Allah is unfair to you(life is unfair)….

There is a lot of things people are hiding in their lives;

That if you got a chance to know all about them;

You would not wish to be in their wealth even if added more to it;

The simplest example, is having money when you can’t eat whatever you like, because of the doctor’s prescription;

Having money when your infertile, or produce dull or lame children, etc.

Just know people have a lot behind that plastic smile… YOUR LIFE is PERFECT for you;

There is no IMPERFECTIONS in Allah’s creation, look at the sky, and look at all His creation;

They all work and move the way He wants them to;

So be THANKFUL, walk TOWARDS Allah and you will have the PERFECT life you’ve always wanted;

Stop lying to yourself or letting shaitan lie to you that another person is having a better life than yours;

Every person on this world and in this life has HAPPY times and BAD times. That’s LIFE…

None can do anything WITHOUT Allah’s APPROVAL, a TOPIC for another day…

Are the future Prospects stopping you from practicing Islam?

Know This…

Life is full of disappointments;

Whichever step you on, you expect a lot from the next step;

When you reach it, you realize that you have more hard work;

And it takes a couple of steps to realize that there is no perfect life;

As in, “I have everything I need kind of life”, the simplest example;

Is of guys who think they would find true love when they have bags of money;

When they get the bags, they find just broken hearts and tries like they have been through all their life…


Don’t put your happiness on a WAIT/HOLD for what you think would bring it…

Allah made this life with happiness and sadness whichever step you on;

If you want a life of ONLY happiness, work for PARADISE;

STOP lying to yourself about the FUTURE;

Because the future of this world is VERY mean/tough/difficult/you know what I mean.

Plus more RESPONSIBILITIES that you can never avoid….

How to fight satanic whispers in times of hardship

Your training depends on the nature and ethics of your opponent.

Know This…

Before you complain about how God is testing you;

Feeling like you have the worst tests to the fact that you call them curse, some like God doesn’t like them.

It’s just because you don’t know who shaitan is, you only know the movie version of him.

No judgement…

Before you curse or say all stuff about people who have submitted their souls to the devil.

Know that you not that special not to, Allah is the most merciful, first thank Him.

Because you don’t know how those people lost;

And you don’t know if God might pull them out of it before their death…

Get me like this….

My point is that, shaitan tempted prophets of God;

Some won, and some failed and asked for God’s forgiveness…

I guess that explains why the hard tests;

God is preparing you for an opponent who has experience about human beings from the first man God created till now;

More About Shaitan….

That opponent, know more human phycology than any doctors you think of;

That opponent knows a lot about good deeds and bad deeds, that opponent is so concentrated;

He works on leading people astray, nothing else is important to him;

Well that opponent is the only creature taken by God to worship Him with the angels because of its extreme faith in God;

That opponent disobeyed God directly without an intermediate…

So if God takes you through a hard test, just know He loves you so much that He wants you to win.

Just like in a football game or anything of that sort, the more hardship you go through training, is the stronger and better you get….


Stand tall, God is with us, may Allah make things easy for all of us and make us of those who die when they are completely submitted to Him alone without any associates…