Appearances can be deceptive

Are you asking yourself, “why me?”, When you see “better life people” as you think?

Well don’t let that make you think that Allah is unfair to you(life is unfair)….

There is a lot of things people are hiding in their lives;

That if you got a chance to know all about them;

You would not wish to be in their wealth even if added more to it;

The simplest example, is having money when you can’t eat whatever you like, because of the doctor’s prescription;

Having money when your infertile, or produce dull or lame children, etc.

Just know people have a lot behind that plastic smile… YOUR LIFE is PERFECT for you;

There is no IMPERFECTIONS in Allah’s creation, look at the sky, and look at all His creation;

They all work and move the way He wants them to;

So be THANKFUL, walk TOWARDS Allah and you will have the PERFECT life you’ve always wanted;

Stop lying to yourself or letting shaitan lie to you that another person is having a better life than yours;

Every person on this world and in this life has HAPPY times and BAD times. That’s LIFE…

None can do anything WITHOUT Allah’s APPROVAL, a TOPIC for another day…

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