In Islam, we have 5 categories of people;

  1. Muslims who study Islam and follow it completely
  2. Those who study Islam and follow only what suits them and throw away the other.
  3. And those who don’t study Islam and pretend to know everything about it.
  4. Those who study Islam, pretend to know all about it and don’t want to learn anything about Islam.
  5. Those who are hypocrites, traitors, and 2 faced people.

Whenever number one says something about Sunnah encouraging people to do it, and showing how good it is to do it….

From number 2-5, they fight number one with all the power they have to show the world that number one (1) is extremists and doesn’t care about humanity.

And when number five commits suicide saying he or she doing it under Islam, number 2-4;

Says its number one and uses the knowledge they have about Islam to show that number one justifies the act…

So when the kafirs need anything from Islam, those are the people they use, ofcos like you see, number 2 + 3 to 5 are a large group than one….

That’s the reason behind all the wars in Muslim majority countries… 

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