Your training depends on the nature and ethics of your opponent.

Know This…

Before you complain about how God is testing you;

Feeling like you have the worst tests to the fact that you call them curse, some like God doesn’t like them.

It’s just because you don’t know who shaitan is, you only know the movie version of him.

No judgement…

Before you curse or say all stuff about people who have submitted their souls to the devil.

Know that you not that special not to, Allah is the most merciful, first thank Him.

Because you don’t know how those people lost;

And you don’t know if God might pull them out of it before their death…

Get me like this….

My point is that, shaitan tempted prophets of God;

Some won, and some failed and asked for God’s forgiveness…

I guess that explains why the hard tests;

God is preparing you for an opponent who has experience about human beings from the first man God created till now;

More About Shaitan….

That opponent, know more human phycology than any doctors you think of;

That opponent knows a lot about good deeds and bad deeds, that opponent is so concentrated;

He works on leading people astray, nothing else is important to him;

Well that opponent is the only creature taken by God to worship Him with the angels because of its extreme faith in God;

That opponent disobeyed God directly without an intermediate…

So if God takes you through a hard test, just know He loves you so much that He wants you to win.

Just like in a football game or anything of that sort, the more hardship you go through training, is the stronger and better you get….


Stand tall, God is with us, may Allah make things easy for all of us and make us of those who die when they are completely submitted to Him alone without any associates…

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