Before you miss fajr prayer, telling people that it’s so early in the morning and you are always still in deep sleep;

Remember, if your boss at work told u to wake up earlier than that, you would do it.

And if you came like 5mins late u would even ask for his forgiveness;

But your forgetting the God who gave you that job, when a lot of people are unemployed;

The God who gave you health when a lot of people are in hospital feeling pain every minute of their lives….

The boss you fear and try to empress can never save you from what God has decreed on you….

wake up!!! Answer your Lord’s call, be thankful because a lot of our sisters and brothers are in insecure countries;

Right now knowing that they can die any moment but they still pray when you who is in safety;

You are busy sleeping saying fajr salat is so difficult….

May Allah make us understand, guide us, forgive us and make us of those who will die when they are still totally submitted to Him…. 

May peace and blessings be upon prophet Muhammad;

And all the prophets of God before him plus those who followed them till the day of judgment….

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