Know This…

Life is full of disappointments;

Whichever step you on, you expect a lot from the next step;

When you reach it, you realize that you have more hard work;

And it takes a couple of steps to realize that there is no perfect life;

As in, “I have everything I need kind of life”, the simplest example;

Is of guys who think they would find true love when they have bags of money;

When they get the bags, they find just broken hearts and tries like they have been through all their life…


Don’t put your happiness on a WAIT/HOLD for what you think would bring it…

Allah made this life with happiness and sadness whichever step you on;

If you want a life of ONLY happiness, work for PARADISE;

STOP lying to yourself about the FUTURE;

Because the future of this world is VERY mean/tough/difficult/you know what I mean.

Plus more RESPONSIBILITIES that you can never avoid….

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